Download Opera for Windows for free. A robust, versatile, and customizable browser. Opera is, together with Mozilla Firefox and Google Chrome, one of the...
Opera is, together with Mozilla Firefox and Google Chrome, one of the best ways to surf the Internet. This excellent web browser based on Chromium has been evolving for years, becoming more comprehensive and allowing you not only to browse all your favorite websites, but also to manage and store your contacts, sync your profile in the cloud, or read the news through its own integrated service.
Opera also includes support for Bittorrent downloads, an intelligent tab system, and thumbnail previews, as well as the ability to control features by voice or keyboard. It even lets you save annotations of the sites you visit.
The program performs beautifully and has much lower resource consumption compared to other similar programs. While it previously made use of the WebKit rendering engine, it decided to join Google in using the Blink engine.
In its latest versions, Opera features a new design and visual tabs, a faster engine that increases its speed by 40% compared to before, and better standards support. It's compatible with WhatsApp, Telegram, and Facebook Messenger web clients, which it uses as if they were extensions. In addition, you can also customize the interface by installing various themes.
Last modified 11mo ago